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In a stunning move, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority suspended Metrorail service Wednesday so inspectors can examine the system’s 600 “jumper cables” that supply power to the system’s segments of electrified rail. The move follows yet another tunnel fire resulting from electricity escaping the Metrorail power grid and igniting debris that builds up in the tunnels during normal operation.

The closure is just the latest in a long series of safety setbacks for the aging and inadequate rail transit system that carries many upscale D.C. professionals between their city-center jobs and close-in residential neighborhoods and car-parks.

The closure will prompt yet another round of calls for increased government funding of the system. But instead of forcing federal, Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. taxpayers—most of whom scarcely use the rail system — to further subsidize Metro and its riders, public leaders should be discussing how to wind down and ultimately close the failed transit system.

No doubt, WMATA officials and supporters would dispute that appraisal, saying the hundreds of thousands of people who ride Metrorail each weekday show its success. But that ridership is

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